Monday, 3 February 2014



  1. 1-Put a dent in the universe > You need a goal to work towards
    2-Do what you love > You need passion as a fuel to keep moving
    3-Kickstart your brain > You need to come up with something unique
    4-Master the message > You need to know your customers
    5-Create insanely great experiences > You want your customers to come back in the future
    6-Say no to 1000 things > You need to come up with your own ideas
    7-Sell dreams, not products > You want to sell what your customers could only dream of

  2. Vision(1) - You need a vision to start off.
    Passion(2) - You need passion to do anything.
    Creativity(3) - You need creativity to improve it.
    Communication(4) - You need to communicate with your customers
    Know Your Customers(5) - Then you can know and understand your customer's needs.
    Focus(6) - Focus on what you need
    Brand(7) - You can only then sell your dream product

  3. 1)Vision
    6)Know your customer
    First, you need a vision before you do anything. Then, you must have passion to fuel creativity your creativity. Then, you would focus on 1 idea. After that, create your brand. Let your customers know about it, then understand what they want and communicate with them.

  4. 1. Vision-We need vision to have the idea about something.
    2. Passion- We need to be passionate about something in order to start doing it.
    3. Communication-Without it, we won't know what the customers want.
    4. Know your customers- How will we sell our products if we do not know our customers needs?
    5. Focus-Focus is required to keep us going.
    6. Creativity-We need to be creative to make new things and be different.
    7. Brand-This is last because we don't need brand to sell products, the products just need to be impactful to people.

  5. 1)Vision
    5)Know your customers
    Without a vision, you cannot even start. Then, only with a passion, you would be able to do well in what you want to create.Next, be creative, so you would wow people with your creation. After that, focus on what you want to create and not get distracted by other things. Next, you must know your customers well so you would know their needs. Also, communicate with them effectively too. Finally, sell dreams not products so people would buy it.

  6. 1-Vision ( You Need Vision to know what to do)
    2-Passion (You Need Passion to keep going on and without passion, we will not want to do anything)
    3- Creativity ( You Need creativity to create creative idea and customers would like it and want to buy it)
    4- Know your customers ( You have to know what your customers want and if you give them what they want, they would buy it)
    5-Focus (Focus on a specific idea and not too many so that your idea will be better)
    6-Communication ( Tell your customers about the product well. If you do not tell your product well, customers may not want to buy it)
    7- Brand ( Compare your product with other companies product and point out the advantages of your product so customers will think your product is better than the others and they would want to buy your product)

  7. 1)Vision
    3)know you customers

    We have to first have a vision. Then we have to have passion to start our product. Then you need to know what your customers need. After that, with creativity we generate ideas and by focusing we will know which idea to implement. Then you have to communicate. Then, you sell your brand.

  8. 1) Vision
    2) Passion
    3) Focus
    4) Know your customers
    5) Creativity
    6) Communication
    7) Brand
    Reason: Having a vision, you will have a goal therefore the passion to do and achieve it. Once you have the goal, focus on it and don't change your mind. Know what your customers want so that more ideas can flow. Then you will have a clearer understanding of your customers and what you want so you can explain to the audience listening clearly and talk about your brand.

  9. 1. Vision- Without a vision, there would not be any goal.
    2. Passion- We need to be passionate about what we do, without passion, we won't want to do it.
    3. Know your customer- We need to create according to the customer's need.
    4. Creativity- We need to create new and innovative ideas
    5. Focus- We need to give all our attention to what you are doing
    6. Communication- We need to express our ideas to others ad find out what they want.
    7. Brand- Lastly, we need to have a brand

  10. 1. Vision -- To Know what you want to achieve.
    2. Passion -- To give you the will to continue your project or making the product.
    3. Creativity -- To make your product interesting, creative and something that you think others want.
    4. Focus -- To create not 1000 products but to focus on making one fantastic product.
    5. Communication -- To bring across your ideas effectively that appeals to the audience.
    6. Know Your Customers -- To find out what they want in the market.
    7. Brand -- To have an impact on your customers.

  11. 1st: Vision- we cannot do anything without a vision because we do not know what to do.
    2nd: Know Your customers- we need to learn about our customers' needs so we can make the product suitable for the customers.
    3rd: Creativity: We must be creative after having a vision and knowing our customers, so that the product can attract customers.
    4th: passion: We must be passionate about our product so it will not turn out as a failure or disaster.
    5th: focus: We must be focused about making our product more appealing to the customers.
    6th: communication: We must be very vocal and sociable so that we can understand the customers' needs and we must be communicative to our co-workers so to have an suitable environment to make the product.
    7th: brand: The brand is important but it is the least important because if we execute the 6 principles correctly the 7th will become easy to execute because brand is the end product of what we have done

  12. 1)Vision-Without vision, you don't know what to do
    2)Passion-You must have passion in what you are doing to work at 100%
    3)Know your customers-Know what your customers want or they wouldn't buy from you as they are not interested in what you are selling
    4)Focus:After you know what your customers want you can focus on what they want and try to make it
    5)Creativity-You need to be creative to make good products and make your speech interesting
    6)Communication-You need to communicate well not just verbally to show off your products
    7)Brand-When your stuff are good because of the above principles, people would have to buy it even if they just want 1 part/function of it. And if your stuff are unique, you will be the only competitor in that market and people would have to buy from you

  13. (1) Vision(because without it you would not know where to start)
    (2) Creativity(so you can improve and make your idea more appealing and helpful by observing. eg.steve jobs going to india)
    (3) Focus(is a guide to help lessen the load and to improve quality instead of quantity)
    (4) Passion(motivator that keep you going through problems faced so you would not have wasted your effort)
    (5) Commmmunication(so customers will have more than something to think about after the talk)
    (6) Knowing your customers( To give customers a great experience and to enhance their understanding of the product.)
    (7) Brand( is ranked last cos it is a result of 6&7)

  14. 1)Put a dent in the universe
    2)Do what you love
    3)Create insanely great experience
    4)Say 'no' to a thousand things
    5)Kick start your brain
    6)Sell dreams,not products
    7)Master the message
    You need a vision to know what you want to do.Do what you love so you will put in your 100% effort in what you are doing.Know your customers so that you know what you are doing is liked by your customers.Then start being creative and do what you have in mind. Think of the brand that you want to have for your product.Finally, advertise the product with good communication skills so your customers will know what the item is all about and will buy the product

  15. 1.Vision(without vision,there would be no goal and you cannot create that product as you do not know what you want to create.)
    2.Creativity(without creativity,you will not make your product appealing to the customer.)
    3.Knowing your customer(Without knowing your customer,you will not know what the customers need and their demands)
    4.Passion(passion is the love of what you do and if you do not like what you do,you cannot do the job properly.)
    5.Brand(when selling products,we should be selling our dream and wanting to make their lives easier.We should not thinking about profit.
    6.Focus(without focusing on what you do,you will never get to the goal)
    7.Communication(mastering the message to be brought across is very important)

  16. 1.Put a dent in the universe -vision
    2.Do what you love -passion
    3.Create insanely great experiences-know your customers
    4.Kick start to your brain -creativity
    5.Say no to 1000 things -focus
    6.Master the message -communication
    7.Sell dreams ,not products -brand
    You have to start off with a vision for anything first ,then you must have the passion to continue with the vision ,know what your customers want then creativity to imagine what it will become ,the focus to make it become reality .Then you have to communicate to them in a speech about why your band is the best .

  17. Vision-You must have a vision so that you can get started on what you need to do and have a goal
    Passion-You need it to continue what you have in mind and be directed towards your goal
    Focus-Even if the opportunity is right, once you have started on your product, do not lose focus as if you do, you will have too many tasks on hand and you will not be able to do anything well
    Creativity-You need the creativity to make what you want to make so that it will be innovative and people want it
    Communication-Talk with normal people and know what they need so that they can improve their lives but those on top are still more important
    Know your customers-Your customers are important as they will buy the product from you

  18. 1)Vision
    3)Know your customers

    Why: First) Vision helps you think of how you can impact the world
    Second) Passion is doing what you really want to do so with passion you will be able to excel in what you are doing
    Third) Knowing what your customers want will help you to impact your customers
    Sixth) Brand is referring to selling dreams, not products, so you have to sell your innovation.
    Seventh) Tell others of your innovation

  19. 1: vision-you must have a vision to know what you want to achieve/create, so you will work towards it, so if we do not have a vision all the other principles will not work and therefore it is the most important.
    2:focus-you must have focus so you will not go and look for other products to work on, so you must have focus to complete your product and make it possible, so I think that it is the second important.
    3:passion-passion is what drives you forward so without it, you will give up halfway.
    4:know your customers-you must know what your customers are targeting, so that they will want to get the product.
    5:creativity-you must be creative to come up with something special(different) from other people so that people will think that it it worth it to buy your product.
    6:communication-you must be able to communicate your product to the customers to introduce it.
    7:brand-you must make people crazy about brand, so they will come back again.

  20. 1) Vision- First you need to have the vision before you can do anything.
    2) Passion- You need to have passion on the vision in order for you to focus and one
    out with a good end result.
    3) Creativity- You need to be creative to attract people towards the innovation
    4) Focus- You need to focus to complete the innovation and also do the best you can
    5) Know Your Customers- You should know your customers by knowing their likings and
    their disliking so as to make customers interested in the
    6) Brand- After knowing your customers and the challenges they have, make changes to
    the end product
    7) Communicate- Communicate in such a way so that people are interested in your product.

  21. 1)Put a dent in the universe (vision)
    2)Do what you love (passion)
    3)Create insanely great experience (know your customers)
    4)say no to a 1000 things (focus)
    5)kick start your brain (creativity)
    6)master your message (communication)
    7)Sell dreams ,not products (Brand)

    Firstly you need to have the vision before you create something.When you have the vision already ,you need to have the passion to make your product.Next you have to know your customers as you cannot make a product idea before you know what your customers need.Then focus on what you need and then your creativity flow out from your mind.After finishing the products communicate with the customers and the people on what your idea is and lastly sell your dream not your product.

  22. 1) Vision- We need a vision and aim so that we have something to work for or improve on and we can work towards that.
    2) Passion- We need to love what we are doing so that we will put in our 100% in it or else we would not do the project full-heartedly and it would not end as great.
    3) Creativity- We need creativity so that the end product will be interesting and can capture the customers' attention.
    4) Know your customers- We need to know what our customers want or else nobody would buy the product as they would not be interested. We also need to know their needs and how the product can help them.
    5) Focus- Then, We need to focus on one thing and work on them and not go off track which would make things more confusing.
    6) Communication- We need to communicate our ideas so that others will know more about it and have a better idea of the product.
    7) Brand- We need come up with a good/creative brand that would attract others

  23. 1) Vision
    2) Passion
    3) Focus
    4) Creativity
    5) Know Your Customers
    6) Brand
    7) Communication

    1)Vision, because without a vision, you do not know what your goal is, so you cannot make a product.
    2) If you have passion, you will have determination to create the product.
    3) You need to focus on developing the ideas for the product and not become distracted.
    4) With creativity, you will have many ideas for the product to be good.
    5) If you know what your customers want, you can create the product according to their needs.
    6) Make sure the product you are selling is what everybody and you want.
    7) To convince your customers to buy your product, remind them about what they want and how the product can fit your needs.

  24. 1)Put a dent in the universe-Vision
    (With a clear vision,you will have something to motivate yourself to work harder to achieve that goal.)

    2)Do what you love-Passion
    (Without passion,you wouldn't have interest in creating your product and thus will not give your 100% effort in doing it.)

    3)Kick start your brain-Creativity
    (With creativity,you would be able to generate more awesome ideas.)

    4)Say no to 1000 things-Focus
    (Among the different ideas generated,choose the best one and focus on doing it.With a clear focus,you would be able to concentrate on improving the idea better.)

    5)Master the message-Communication
    (After having a general idea,you would have to communicate with your customers to know what they need.)

    6)Create insanely great experience-Know your customers
    (After creating the final product,you must talk to our customers to know more about them.Like seeing if the product created is able to help them fulfill their needs.)

    7)Sell dreams not products-Brand
    (Upon having the final product,you must see if this product is something they dream to have,something special that can help them fulfill their needs.The product must also be good enough for the customers to think that it is worthwhile to spend their money on the product.)