Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Reflection:Visit to Red Dot Museum-Tuesday,22 July 2014
Group name:School safety group
Full names:Megan Kong(Leader),Donovan Tan(Assistant leader),
                       Kho Sock Hui(Scribe),Patchandi Yugan Kumar(Operation manager)

-Can you find examples of SCAMPER from the exhibits(Represent each alphabet of SCAMPER with photographs as evidence)
An example will be the exhibit ‘Tupperware world wide design team’. They used C,P and R of the SCAMPER technique. They combined the different tupperwares together to make an art piece.The original use of tupperware is to store food items and keep them from spoiling,however the team put the tupperware to other uses by using them to make art pieces.They also rearrange the tupperware to form an art piece by rotating the tupperware boxes and stacking them.

Learn from it
-Name one thing that you have learnt from the designs that you have seen in Red Dot Museum
We learnt that the items at the Red Dot Museum are simple yet creative and unique.This trip has also broaden our view and enriched us.We also learnt that items may have different uses other than its standard use.

-Take a picture of the design that your group likes most and explain how it relates to the project that your group will be working on
We are trying to prevent theft cases from happening in school.Thus,we felt that the ‘Wi-Vie share cam’ was interesting and relates to our project too.We plan to modify it such that it can turn 360° to capture the image of the theft.A good advantage of this item will be that it doesn’t have a blind spot.
Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 8.54.32 pm.png

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